Adding Finesse

Finishing Classes

We expect a high level of politeness, decorum and personal presentation from our girls at all times. The School has engaged experts to train girls in the art of etiquette. The emphasis is on areas such as Total Personality Development, Social Etiquette, Confidence Building, Body Language, Art of Dressing, Accent Training, Understanding Family Values, Discipline at Home and School, Peer Pressure and How to say ‘No’. These classes are conducted by professionals on a regular basis.

Social Service Programs

We encourage our girls to take up Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW). Girls actively work for the International Award for Young People (IAYP), popularly known as the Duke of Edinburgh Award. This requires them to make frequent visits to various institutions for community service. Social Service camps are organized to work on community projects for addressing issues like environment protection, afforestation and other conservation projects. This helps develop responsibility and empathy towards the society we all live in.

Personal Counseling

Recognizing the fact that we have very sensitive and unique creations of God under our care, we have a highly qualified and competent residential School Counselor. She assists each girl with her academic and emotional well-being and vocational difficulties. She helps them to learn tackle and overcome any stress that they may feel-be it due to home sickness, time management, interpersonal relationships or examination nervousness.

Career Counseling

The School arranges counseling sessions from time to time with internationally renowned Career Counseling Agencies to assess and counsel girls as well as their parents for appropriate career options. Girls are given ample exposure to learn about avenues for further studies and opportunities to interact with representatives of prestigious national and international universities from across the globe.

Counseling sessions are also arranged for the parents and students of Grades VIII and X to guide them in opting for the appropriate curriculum and subjects, in accordance with their career objectives.

Girls are guided to identify their aptitude and interests, selection of related subjects and make professional choices. Experts conduct intensive classroom coaching to help girls achieve their goals.