Community Engagement

Today’s students are leaders of tomorrow. We, at Unison World School consider it our duty to prepare the students as compassionate and empathetic global citizens by helping them experience the real world and engaging with the wider community both inside and outside the School. Through our humble efforts, we endeavour to build bridges between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots.’

Through the process of structured academic learning and field experiences, the students become aware of the needs and issues affecting our local and international communities. They learn about the ways in which communities respond and deal with social issues such as access to education, health care, gender parity and development. The girls are committed to make a positive impact in the society. Our students are passionately involved in the ideation and management of any community service project which is taken up.

The girls are actively engaged with an Anganwadi just behind the School, where they interact with the students and prepare them for various events like Sports Day, Children’s Day and many other festivals. Unison World School also contributes towards ‘GOONJ’, an NGO which uses the underutilized and excess urban household material as a tool for rural development. UWS students visit the primary school , ‘Arthur Foot Academy’ for children in one of the most backward, rural villages in India, called Bhandarjhud and stay there for a couple of days engaging themselves with local children. The girls interact with the village community to gain a better perspective about the living conditions prevailing there. Through various activities, innovative and creative ways, they add value to the lives of these underprivileged children

A Day at Unison

The School bursts into life at around 6:15 AM when boarders wake up for their daily grinding schedule. Fuelled with a good dose of nutritious breakfast, the students now get ready to face the day ahead with vigour and concentration. The day unfolds in quick mode with regular lessons, lunch followed by activities, sports, preparatory classes and comes to a close with a very rewarding dinner. Once back on the bed, students fondly recollect the day gone by and mentally plan themselves for the next morning. And then sleep takes hold. 10:30 PM is the official time for the Lights Off.