Fine Arts

Art is envisaged as an integral part of life for the future citizens to be able to appreciate and develop an aesthetic mindset. The emphasis is on creativity through knowledge of all art forms. At Unison, we stand committed to discovering and nurturing our students’ inherent talent.

UWS offers a wide spectrum of visual arts in its well equipped Art Studios. Girls are able to creatively express themselves through activities such as Drawing, Painting, Craft, Pottery & Glass Painting, Ceramics, Photography, Sculpture, Textile and Graphic Design (Batik, Block Printing, Fabric Painting and Tie & Dye). This array of activities - such as Folk Art, Rangoli, Water Colour, Architecture, Collage Making, Papier-mâché, Origami etc - help students to channelize their reservoir of energy to manifest their creative skills.

The skills and experiences they acquire through such a programme will prepare students for careers in diverse fields such as Museology, Tourism and Heritage, Art Journalism, Gallery Management etc. apart from individual praxis.