Nurturing creativity

Talent and potential lies within each one of us. At Unison, we stand committed to discovering and nurturing these gifts. We firmly believe that education is a connected process that includes valuable learning opportunities beyond the classroom. Finding a niche in which the girls can excel not only enhances girls’ self-confidence, but also gives them an outlet for enjoyment and self-expression.

Our broad co-curricular program gives girls the opportunity to experience interesting new activities of all kinds.

Our Fine Arts department offers a wide spectrum of visual arts in its numerous well equipped Art Studios. Girls are able to creatively express themselves through activities such as Drawing, Painting, Craft, Pottery, Ceramics, Photography, Sculpture, Textile and Graphic Design. This array of activities helps students to channelize the reservoir of energy to showcase their non-academic skills.

Various painting forms taught at School include Folk Art, Rangoli, Worli Work, etc. The diverse forms of paper craft taught are Collage Making, Papier-mache, Origami, etc. Girls also learn Batik, Block Printing, Fabric Painting and Tie and Dye in Textile Designing. In Pottery and Sculpture, girls are trained to create three-dimensional artworks using ceramic, clay, wood, glass and even soft metals.