International Exposure

International Student Exchange Programs

With the world converging towards globalization, there are more possibilities today to dilute barriers such as language, borders, and cultures, thereby widening the opportunities for our girls.

International Educational Exchange Programs have a life-changing impact on each girl who undertakes it. It turns out to be quite beneficial and every girl must grab the opportunity coming her way. They will be proud to be associated with diversity at the core that will work to prepare them as successful global citizens.

In our effort to create a strong suite of innovation and creativity in our girls, Unison World School has partnered with education institutes from across the world to provide international exposure to its students.

At present, our partners for student exchange programs are:
* St. Francis’ College, Letchworth, England, UK
* Kilgraston School, Perthshire, Scotland, UK
* Rangi Ruru Girls’ School, Christ Church, New Zealand

Every year a group of girls accompanied by staff visit these schools. The exchange for that year is completed by reciprocal visits. A well-planned program is framed for the delegation by the host school to make the exchange extremely beneficial and fruitful. This gives the girls an opportunity to understand diverse cultures and learn about the world in a way that textbooks and school assignments never reveal.