Meticulous Mentoring

A Committed Academic Body

The School has an extremely qualified and committed faculty. They are trained in the activity-based learning and teaching methods. In addition, lesson planning, classroom performance and contribution to co-curricular activities are under constant supervision of Heads of Lower, Upper and Senior Schools, Dean of Academics, Vice Principal and the Principal herself, who together believe that the quality of teaching and learning must be of the highest order day-by-day, hour-by-hour and lesson-by-lesson.

The School is equally committed to staff development through a wide range of ongoing in-service programs and workshops, covering not only academics and pedagogy, but also areas such as career counseling. The staff to student ratio is 1:8. Hence, each girl receives individual attention and feels comfortable to approach teachers for help in and out of classroom.

Residential Staff

Residential academic faculty and essential administrative staff stay in the on-campus residences. The boarding staff is accommodated in specially allocated residences within the chalets, and are available when the girls need them.

Partnership with Parents

We understand that the parents’ active participation in the activities of the School is essential if we are to flourish as a School community. Parents are kept well informed of all School events through a newsletter and regularly updated School’s website. They follow their child’s progress through regular and detailed School reports. The School also welcomes parents to visit the School to discuss matters of concern with Chalet In-charge/Class Teacher. In this way, we ensure that everyone contributes to the outstanding development of our students.