The real and practical experiences received by us with the help of arts, literature, culture, games, sports, etc are known as co-curricular activities. The theoretical knowledge gets strengthened and supplemented with relevant co-curricular activities related to the content taught in the classroom. Academic aspects of personality are solely accomplished by classroom learning, while aesthetic development, character building, spiritual growth, physical growth, moral values, creativity, etc are supported by co-curricular activities. It helps to develop coordination, adjustment, leadership skills, communication skills, extempore expressions, etc among students, both at school as also in the society.

Besides academics, co-curricular activities play an instrumental role in the overall growth and development of human mind. No doubt, one should primarily focus on academic activities to learn and excel in the chosen field. However, it is co-curricular activities that provide a good platform for a child to outshine her latent potentials to compete with the challenges that come her way. In fact, it enables the students to launch themselves on the uncharted paths of their lives. Activities such as debates, quizzes, group discussions, essay writing, brain storming sessions, interaction with peer groups, all make them learn practical aspects of life and prepare them to face the real life challenges. Creativity, enthusiasm, energy, and positive thinking are some of the important outcomes of the personality thus developed. Of all the qualities, however, resilience stands out as the real winner.

We take pride in attaching great importance to all co-curricular activities at our School and encourage all children to participate in as many activities and sports as possible.